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Ghana Web News - 17.07.2012 - Tuesday - Mills gives 25 million Ghana cedis to Special Forces?

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Mills gives 25 million Ghana cedis to Special Forces?

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Mills gives 25 million Ghana cedis to Special Forces?

Source: National Forum for Peace and ProgressNational Forum for Peace and Progress

The National Forum For Peace and Progress and all peace loving Ghanaians condemn the creation of special forces in the Ghana Armed Forces. This kind of division at a time the government should be fostering National security and unity within our borders is just unacceptable and the actions of President Mills, his security advisers and in particular the Minister for Defence General (Rtd)Joseph Henry Smith is a shame to a democracy like Ghana.

We are extremely alarmed that the President has authorised 25 million Ghana cedis to be given to the special forces through a motivational and defence protection fund (MDPF). Why is this facility not available to the whole armed forces? .Waht is the motive of these forces if not to unleash terrible violence on innocent men, women and children?

Sometime ago some past governments created Republican Guards, Special Branches and Forces Reserve Battalions within the Ghana Armed Forces and it did not do any good except leading to extreme divisions within the army. The creation of this group within the army is very divisive and takes Ghana backwards. Ghanaians want one army dedicated to defending all Ghanaians, not defending one political organisation or advancing the interest of some selfish and wicked politicians who only want to use some sections of the armed forces to unleash mayhem on Ghanaians to protect their selfish interests.

The excuse that our oil resources must be protected by this group is not acceptable. It is the responsibility of the Ghana Navy and our coastguard, backed by the police and the Bureau of National Investigations to support the government to do this. We have so many battalions in our army why the creation of commandos , special reserve battalions and all these sinister groups?

We call on the immediate disbandment of this sinister and shadowy group within the army. Ghanaians have seen what has happened in countries such as Zimbabwe and Kenya where special forces such as munjiki and war veterans were created as armies under the guise of fostering peace and security, only to be unleashed on civil society during the election year.

President Mills is commander in chief of the armed forces and must be very careful of what he is doing . He must stop bowing to the demands of adventurers and dinosaurs of the past who are experts in creating these kind of groups to intimidate civilians .

Ghana needs a loyal ,united, peaceful and neutral armed force to protect all its citizens.


Lt colonel (rtd) William Obimpeh(Chairman)-0244322777

Lt Colonel(Rtd) Peter Kwamina Barnes-0242155671

Major(Rtd) Ibrahim Awuni Bamtonge -0542457011

Captain (Rtd)Kwabena Twum Barima-0245122230

Squadron Leader(rtd) Patience Baaba Brew –Riverson-020124588

Chief Superintendent(rtd) Joesph Nimako


Source-National Forum for Peace and Progress Accra, Ghana

National Forum for Peace and Progress is an organisation made up for former military, police and intelligence officers who are dedicated to supporting Ghana’s democracy and preventing a return to arbitrary rule, misuse of executive power and backdoor dictatorship.

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